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Plastic Cards For Wellness Centres and Spa

Plastic Cards for Spa Centres, That Competitive Edge

Whether you have a salon, spa or wellness centre, you have so much to gain from plastic cards. While your products and services keep them revisiting your facility, customised plastic magnetic cards will help to bring in new customers. From access cards to loyalty cards for regular clients, plastic cards by Custom Plastic Cards, offer creative ways to make your wellness centre stand out. Here is a summary of the benefits of plastic cards.

Loyalty Cards Create a Strong Bond With Members

You win customer loyalty when you offer them world-class treatment and additional benefits at your centre. More wellness centres are now implementing loyalty cards to retain and engage their members. These cards not only expand the reach of your customers but also help enhance relationships with them.

Gift & Rewards Cards Help Expand Your Business

Regular members are a prime target for incentives and promotions in addition to your regular benefits. Gift cards are the ideal way to allow your regular members to share the benefits of your salon, spa or wellness centre with others and to increase your revenue. Likewise, reward cards can help your members to save money and to continue returning.

Professional Spa Business Cards Generates Leads

You can’t leave your home without compelling modern plastic business cards. Though considered an old-school marketing technique, plastic business cards remain relevant in today’s digital age. Impressive business cards give you an opportunity to sell your brand, consequently generating more leads.

Discount Cards Promote Business

Who doesn't love discounts? Offering discount cards to your loyal customers is one of the more effective ways to promote your business. These cards give loyal customers a sense of belonging and allow them to share your offerings with their friends and family..

Given such advantages, the quality and appearance of your cards will impact your spa members. Custom Plastic Cards (CPC) has been Australia's leading plastic card company since 2002. We have been providing the highest quality plastic cards in the industry with features like signature panels, magnetic stripes, holograms, smart cards and more, in virtually any shape or size.

If you are looking for a range of environmentally friendly personalised cards for your salon, spa or wellness centre, contact us at 1300 651 544 or visit our website at to book an appointment with our expert team.

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