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Plastic Cards For Clubs and Societies

Most paper-made cards end up in the trash or deep inside your customer's wallets, desks or drawers. White plastic cards can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Most clubs and societies use different plastic cards, from membership cards and ID cards to discount cards and magnetic cards. Why do some clubs and societies choose to use plastic cards nowadays?

Overview of various types of plastic cards and their uses

Plastic Made Club Membership Cards for Tracking

When your club membership grows beyond a certain point it may be challenging to track of legitimate members. Plastic membership cards are a great way to note who has joined recently. These cards can be easily tucked in your wallet or purse, making them less likely to be misplaced or lost. Like membership cards, Plastic ID cards can also feature the cardholder's information and image on the front to deter fraudulent usage.

Club Access Card to Build a Sense of Belonging

Access cards allow members to enter the premises of clubs or societies, leaving behind tight security and other verification criteria during any event. This card will offer your members a sense of community, belonging and a privilege to connect with others soon. A well-designed access card will significantly impact your customer and further promote your brand.

Discount Cards to Build Loyalty

Being a club member, you are eligible to gain certain discounts and benefits in local clubhouse stores or specific areas within these locations. Custom Plastic Cards discount cards offer a variety of card textures and features in almost any shape or size at low prices. Our Plastic discount ID cards are an excellent way to represent your members and to display the discount on offert.

Plastic Business Cards, a Source to Generate Revenue

A quality business card in various colours and designs can impact your club’s customers. Custom Plastic Cards high-quality PVC plastic cards will impress your members and encourage them to promote them to prospective members. These cards also act as a promotional medium and provide clubs with sponsorship opportunities.

Credit Cards to Win Over Members

Credit cards allow club members to use the money stored or credited to their cards, giving them the privilege to access the card anywhere without having a wallet. Club owners will gain an appreciation and the freedom to enjoy all the services in a cashless environment.

With the long list of uses for these plastic cards, it is essential to ensure you display well-designed cards to impress your customers and members and to create brand loyalty. As a leading plastic cards supplier in Australia for 20 years, Custom Plastic Cards supply plastic cards in quantities from 100 to 3,000,000. Our numerous card choices feature sequential and non-sequential numbering, bar coding, magnetic striping cards, embossing (raised printing) with gold or silver tipping and more.

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