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Membership Cards Can Boost Your Bowling Club Member Loyalty

Bowling Clubs are places where members attend for an occasional roll or to spend quality time with friends and community members. A member does not need to be a to be a regular bowler to engage with your club.

If you operate a bowling club you probably already realize the benefits of providing membership cards. Your members feel valued and will attend and spend more regularily. Custom Plastic Cards has 20 years of experience in producing high quality, attractive membership cards for bowling clubs across Australia. Here are your bowling club membership card options.

Personalised Card Options You Can Explore

Clubs are always on the lookout for ways to reinvent themselves. Bowling clubs are no different. Using personalised cards you can offer a plethora of services to your members.

  • Security Cards/Access Cards—Create a sense of security and exclusivity for your members and control entry into your facailtiy.
  • Discount Cards—Discount cards create hype and increase revenue as members feel they are getting greater value for their money. Even inactive members can be tempted back with the lure of points, rewards and discount programs.
  • Loyalty Cards—Offering modern, professional plastic loyalty cards that are uniquely designed will create a great and a lasting impression on the loyal card holder. Get in touch with our experts to create a design that stands out from your competition.

What are the Benefits of Membership Cards?

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty
  • Additional Revenue From Current Customers
  • Raise Referral Business
  • Acquire & Track Member Data
  • Brand Promotion
  • Advertising Opportunities

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To create brand loyalty and to impress customers, it is essential to have well-designed cards. Custom Plastic Cards is one of the most trusted names in the plastic card industry. Our team offers the highest quality plastic cards, including membership cards, ID cards, gift cards, custom plastic magnetic cards and a full range of environmentally friendly cards at wholesale prices.

Get in touch with us today to make a lasting impact on your customers with uniquely designed, high-quality cards.

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