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Plastic Cards For Bars and Pubs

How do Plastic Cards Help Market Bars & Pubs?

If you are in the hospitality industry, namely bars and pubs, there are several ways that creative plastic cards can enhance your marketing and allow your venue stand out from the crowd. We will look at a few comprehensive ways our custom plastic magnetic cards can be used to increase the effectiveness of your branding and marketing.

Bar Tabs and Membership Cards to Avoid Intruders

Plastic membership cards or bar tabs with magnetic stripes enable you to identify regular visitors. Staff can easily track members through this card and stop the trespasser from entering.

Business Cards Create Brand Identity

High-quality business cards can represent your brand. Made with PVC material, we design and print a wide range of customised plastic business cards in various themes that can display a positive image of your bar. Your customers will not be shy about showing these cards to friends and associates whilst increasing your brand awareness.

Discount Cards to Grab Customer Attention

Discount plastic cards are great for repeat business and to increase spending in your bar or pub. Our highly durable discount card with signature panels, magnetic stripes, holograms, smart cards and more, give you a competitive advantage.

Access Cards to Promote Business

These easy-to-carry RFID or smart access cards are one of the simplest ways to allow your members fast entry, not waiting. These ecards can also identify your regular customers and understand their spending habits amongst many other statistics, so you can strategize to improve your revenue.

In a nutshell, high-quality plastic cards can help attract customers and create brand awareness. It is critical to ensure you have a well-designed, high-quality access card in this competitive market. Whether you need a simple or more complex design, Custom Plastic Cards (CPC) offers various customisation options to meet your needs. We are a renowned supplier of plastic cards, we have been serving individuals and small businesses to high-profile private, government and educational institutions in Australia for 20 years.

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