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Our sports club membership cards are the perfect way to express gratitude towards your customers. Printed plastic membership cards are also great for marketing and promoting your business.

Our highest customer retention rates exist with our retail customers, which is a testament to the high success rate of custom printed gift and loyalty cards. Our retail customers typically order multiple times each year, from August to September, in preparation for the busy pre-christmas period.

Our personalised sports club membership cards form a bond between your retail outlet and the customer, and the offers associated with these printed sports club membership cards will keep them coming back.

Benefits of Sports Club Membership Cards

Printed sports club membership cards are invaluable for all retail outlets, and they improve customer retention, which increases your revenue. The main advantage of printing gift and loyalty cards includes:

  • Exclusive offers– By utilising a link associated with the QR code on the loyalty sports club membership card, you can keep your customers updated with current exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Customer patronage and spending– Our cards help you focus on devising effective marketing campaigns by targeting customers based on the frequency of their patronage and their spending habits. The data for these spending habits is obtained through your loyalty card IT system based on interaction/swiping of the printed sports club membership cards.
  • Other customer data– Utilise other demographic data that you obtain from the customers through their use of sports club membership cards to better target your marketing campaigns. Demographic details include age, sex, residential address and other relevant details.
  • Automated messages – You can send automated messages for birthdays, events and other anniversaries and festivals.
  • Obtain feedback–Continually improve your business by obtaining customer feedback about their experience at your retail outlet. Feedback enables adjustments if required to build greater loyalty and generate higher spending from each customer. Message your customer with your survey questions after they have visited.
  • Rewards system– Establish a points-rewards system and reward clients when they reach milestones. The rewards points accumulate when your customers process their sports club membership cards through your loyalty card IT system.
  • Non-Attendance– Reach out to customers who do not attend as often or have stopped attending to entice them to return with special offers and heartfelt messages.

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We have over 20 years of experience in producing and designing custom printed gift and sports club membership cards. Our team is highly qualified and can help you maximise your benefits from these cards. Our retail outlets have provided reliable service and premium quality of gift and loyalty cards.

Contact us today if you're looking to buy high-quality from a reputed cards supplier and place bulk orders that will benefit your business bottomline.

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