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We have been producing plastic membership cards for both football and netball clubs for the past 20 years. Typically the demand is greatest from December to January, prior to the commencement of the football season, although around 20-30% of our custom membership cards are ordered outside these months.  Our membership plastic card printing has a great presentation, each member will be proud to be a membership card holder.  These plastic membership cards will allow you to manage and keep track of your members.  We also offer fast turnarounds if required.

Benefits & Rewards

There are numerous benefits to issuing football and netball custom plastic membership cards. plastic membership cards give each card holder an attachment, a feeling of belonging to your club, this association is likely to encourage the member to frequent and spend/donate money at your club. Combine the access that a custom printed plastic card gives to a holder with exclusive offers, deals and/or promotions and you will maximize the benefits from your membership card.

Automating and Data

You may consider automating your plastic membership card system by installing an IT management system so you can better monitor/manage your members as well as rewarding your members based on milestones of your choosing including attendance, spending etc. You can issue different membership levels such as silver, gold and Platinum, each level rewards the plastic membership card holder for their level of importance to your club and gives added benefits as the membership level continues to reach a higher level.

It is understood that many local football clubs may not have a high level of funding to establish an automated system but there are affordable options to consider. Within smaller football clubs there does tend to be at least one person with an IT vocation, it may be best to consult with him/her/them about this system. This IT system will also enable you to properly store various types of data about each customized membership card holder. This data can be used to better promote your goods, services and functions to each custom membership card holder depending on the criteria you choose based on their data including the regularity of their attendance, spending habits and patterns etc.


Football clubs are a not-for-profit organizations for the most part, particularly at a local level and it is often necessary to continually organize fundraising activities in the form of raffles and functions. You can use the custom printed membership cards to assist with your fundraising in two ways.

  1. Sell the printed membership card at an amount you deem necessary and donate a portion of the proceeds to your fundraising drive
  2. Promote your fundraising activities on the actual membership plastic cards, give incentives for the card holder to donate to your football club

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