Custom Platic Card

Design Services

For only $65 our talented designers can design for you a card that will not only promote your event or company but will impress you and your clients.

All you have to do is give us details of the design you have in mind and we will be happy to get started.

Our Designer

Our Designer at Custom Plastic Cards has been with us for 7 years.  Our Designer is highly qualified and has over 10 years total design experience, she will put together a professional and a memorable design for you.  We are also happy to send you the design specifications and the link to our template if you wish to put the design together yourself. 

Design Rates

Our design fees are very low and in-fact, there are occasions when we do not charge for our design services at all if minimal work is required.  We quote you for any plastic card design work upfront and it is up to you if you wish to utilize our design services.  Our typical charges are between $20-$65 plus GST.   We take the time to find out the theme and image that you are looking to project on your printed plastic cards along with the colour theme associated with your establishment so the colours align with your logo, web appearance and any other material as required.  We include the required content and verbiage to ensure you maximize the benefits from your plastic card printing. 

The Design Process

Shall you require our design services we initially ask you to let us know what you would like printed on the front and back of your proposed card.  The front is the decorative part of the printed plastic card and it typically includes your logo/s and some text, a very simple, brief message that announces your creed/principle to the World and the card type eg “Trade VIP Card”.  You also need a background or an imagery that is consistent with your web site and stationary in regard to both the colour and the actual imagery itself.  We can also personalize the plastic card printing so you may wish to let us know the personalized data that you require eg member name and number and the placement on the front or back.

The back of the custom printed plastic card is usually information only, details may include any special offers, privileges associated with the plastic card, terms and condition of card usage, disclaimer statement (we can assist with this statement), contact details, hours of operation and the variable data including a bar code, magnetic stripe etc.  You can also let us know if you would like us to add features like a signature panel.  Once we have your proposed plastic card design requirements for the front and back we get to work on your email proof with the specifications, once you review the proof you are most welcome to alert us to any adjustments that you require, we are also happy to give our feedback until you have a design that you love.