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The use of plastic identity cards is becoming increasingly common with the need for security in companies, schools and other organisations and establishments. Custom Plastic Cards designs a wide range of custom Staff ID Cards that are attractive and durable.

We offer high-quality PVC plastics, so they will last long enough without compromising on style. We also provide environmentally friendly options, which allow us to help reduce waste by upcycling materials rather than permanently generating new ones through manufacturing processes.

We are experienced staff ID card printers. We can offer a variety of features for added security or identification, such as card numbering, barcoding, magnetic striping, signature panels, holograms, smart cards and more.

Benefits of Staff ID Cards

ID cards are a great way for CEOs and other managers to keep track of their staff. With the picture, name, titles and roles along with barcodes for scanning, it's easy to identify who is working where at any time.

Golf club membership loyalty cards are an effective way to increase customer retention and the frequency of their patronage. The main advantage of golf club membership loyalty cards includes increased revenue and improved customer retention. Let us show you how we can improve your business in just a few simple steps:

  • Security Purposes Staff ID cards with the name and face are here to make your life easier. Now you won't have any more awkward situations because people will know who they're talking to.
    ID cards are a great way for an organisation to ensure that only trusted individuals have access. These ID cards work as security cards that allow the holder entry into specific rooms or areas within your workplace and access to other related buildings and equipment.
  • Monitor Employee Activity Staff ID cards are an excellent way to monitor employee activities. You can keep tabs on when they enter and leave, also the time spent inside the building or office space.
  • Other BenefitsWith your company's ID card, employees can get access to the best deals and offers. From gyms and restaurants for employees through to discounts on purchases at stores within the organisation property- the possibilities are endless!

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