Why Quality Business Cards Remain an Essential Item

  • September 5, 2022

Why Quality Business Cards Remain an Essential Item

Why Quality Business Cards Remain an Essential Item
September 5th, 2022 Business Cards, Plastic Cards

Given all the technological advancements in digital communication, one piece of correspondence that the digital era will not replace anytime soon is the business card.  For clients or customers, business cards are an effective method of displaying the company’s products and services. As multiple studies have shown, nearly 72% of people form an opinion about you or your company based on the quality of your business cards.  In essence,  a business card may possibly make or break the business. Business cards, Gift cards, Membership cards, Access cards are an essential part of almost everyone’s daily life.

A significant proportion of business cards today are made from plastic.  These plastic cards are durable, professional-looking and can be linked with a point of sale (POS) system or any other reward or access electronic devise if required. Here is why physical plastic business cards still hold so much value.

Create a Positive First Impression on Customers 

Professional business cards hold contact information such as email address, web address, phone number and other details.  Plastic business cards are an essential part of your branding and distinguish you from your competition.   The smart decision is to seek advice for a professional business card printing service to turn these cards into an admirable and memorable final product. Design options include details such as colour options, finish and the overall design appearance to create an impact on everyone. Irrespective of your industry or business, a creative personalised card will impress your customers and create a lasting impression. 

Add Value to Your Organisation

Membership cards are found in most wallets. These cards can help to increase loyalty and boost business. Once a person buys a membership card, the card issuer can easily track customer data and apply discounts and other membership benefits. A well-designed plastic membership card is an effective way to impress the members and encourage them to show it to other prospective members. It is therefore no surprise that business owners rely on plastic membership card printing service providers for an attractive membership card. Similarly, there are plastic key tags as an alternate to the traditional membership cards. Key tags also  accommodate numerous applications, features and usage including membership, loyalty, security, promotional programs, bar codes, numbers, signature panels and more.

Boost Your Business Growth

A study by Accenture reported that 57% of people spend more money on brands they are loyal to.  Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining a current customer, if you can increase customer loyalty by at least 5%, you are likely to gain significantly more profit in the long run.  Loyalty cards should therefore be a serious consideration for you.  Restaurant loyalty cards in particular have been invaluable for the hospitality industry including the programs/schemes that are associated with them.

Redefine Security

Identification cards, also known as ID cards or access cards, are becoming increasingly popular with the need for security in many organizations including private businesses and schools. You can promptly identify if people attempting to gain access into your premises are your students, employees, approved clients or visitors with the help of a plastic ID card or badge.  You minimize the risk of unauthorised access by using the services of Access card suppliers.

Increase Connections

Gift cards are the safest present to offer a client or employee, the receiver has the freedom to shop for the gift they choose. Undoubtedly they will express their joy to friends and colleagues following receipt of the gift card. Custom logo gift cards have proven to be beneficial to businesses of all sizes, these creative business cards achieve visibility in the wider market, leading to continuous branding for you. 

In some cultures, business cards play a prominent role in checking the health of your business. In Japan for example, the paper quality of your business cards will help clients judge how efficiently you run the business. In a nutshell, business cards are the marketing tool to establish a brand’s position in the market and to convey your message clearly. 

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