Top 11 Ideas on How Cards Can Leave A Lasting Impression

  • August 5, 2022

Top 11 Ideas on How Cards Can Leave A Lasting Impression

Top 11 Ideas on How Cards Can Leave A Lasting Impression
August 5th, 2022 Plastic Cards

Branding is a critical part of business marketing and growth. When you hand out a business card to a customer or member you are handing out a representation of your brand. Most professional business cards end up in the trash or inside your customers’ wallets, desks or drawers.

Custom cards are a fantastic way to stand out from the competition. The variety of shapes and textures can make your cards unique. Here are a few stand-out ideas to help your cards gain recognition.

Professional Business Cards

Capture your customers’ attention with professional business cards in various shapes and textures. Receiving a custom business card designed to resemble a shield to represent your security or safety services is an example. Another example is a wooden texture appearance on the business card which represents a carpentry or woodworking service, the possibilities are endless.

Plastic Key Tags

Key tags are an advertising opportunity that are heavily underestimated. Consider the number of times a key tag is likely to be viewed daily by the holder and his/her associates.  A thoughtfully designed plastic key tag gifted to employees or members will attract attention and spark conversations with potential customers.

Plastic Membership Card

One easy way to set your membership program apart is to create a card with an eye-catching design. Your customers want to feel  valued, a premium swipe card will achieve this goal as part of your program.  Frosted plastic membership cards are also a great idea.   Get in touch with Custom Plastic Card to buy the perfect set of  membership cards for your organization.

Personalised Cards

Adding a photo and a name can go a long way. Personalised cards help the user stand out. Personalized cards add integrity and authenticity when handed to the receiver. It is critical that you choose the right business card printing services if you wish to personalize your cards.

Access Card

Does your organization distribute access cards for your employees, for accessibility and other functions? Access cards may contain an RFID chip or a magnetic strip with encoded data for access. A creatively designed card will increase the retention and usage of the plastic cards when they are not required for a prerequisite usage.  

Restaurant Loyalty Cards

Customers tend to spend more when they see they are gaining benefits. Organizations have been using customer loyalty programs for decades now. Give your customers more reasons to revisit your restaurant with loyalty cards with bold, sleek designs.

Plastic ID Card

An eye-catching photo ID card is another way of promoting your brand. No matter your organization, ID cards give the employees a sense of uniformity and belonging. Think twice before printing a bland template for your plastic ID cards. ID cards also present another opportunity for brand creation and promotion.

Custom Logo Gift Cards

How many of you have expired gift cards. Instead of handing out paper gift cards, increase repeat gift card usage by printing  custom logo gift cards.  With a meticulous design these cards will keep your customers coming back.

Smart Cards

Smart cards hold digital data within their RFID chips. Smart cards are usually the size of a credit card and interact with electronic systems mainly for accessibility and cashless transactions. Contactless smart cards are also very popular, fast transactions and greater efficiency.  

That is a long list of card options. Although plastic cards seem outdated in the digital age, scanning QR codes are becoming the norm. Plastic cards are here for many decades to come and continue to give people the feeling of being gifted. Most importantly, do not chase a cheap option for your plastic card design and printing. Branding is an important process that is critical to your business, give you brand the respect it deserves with high quality cards that have an eye-catching design.

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