How Do Organisations Use Plastic Cards to Compete in the Market?

  • November 23, 2022

How Do Organisations Use Plastic Cards to Compete in the Market?

How Do Organisations Use Plastic Cards to Compete in the Market
November 23rd, 2022 Business Cards, Plastic Cards

Also referred to as PVC plastic cards, these are available in various shapes and sizes, with the most common being the same size and thickness as a standard credit card. Most businesses are turning to these eco-friendly plastic cards to grow their business due to their durability and hard-to-break features, thereby replacing the traditional paper cards that are prone to damage. 

Some of the most popular are mentioned below:

Identification Cards & Security Cards

Identification cards and security cards are some of the most commonly used cards in educational institutions, commercial organisations or industrial establishments. These cards are needed to identify employees, guests or students, providing security against intruders. 

A few organisations buy their PVC cards blank and get their logo, name, ID number and possibly a photograph or other contact information printed outside. Some of these Identification cards can take the form of visitor badges; security access passes, photo ID badges and much more based on the organisation’s requirements. 

Membership & Event Access Cards

With the popularity of in-person events recently, membership or event access cards are gaining importance. These easy-entry cards are another type of blank PVC card that is often printed onsite. It will be a cost-effective benefit if you can manage to keep all the dynamic information that changes from card to card. These RFID-made membership cards are also often used as VIP access cards for events or trade shows. 

Gift Cards & Discount Cards

Gift cards and store discount cards is amongst the most popular uses of plastic cards. Often printed with scannable barcodes or swipe-able magnetic stripe, these PVC cards work as marketing campaigns. Gift cards are an expressive mode of conveying your message to your employee or customer, the rewarded person is encouraged to share their achievements with their friends, family, and colleagues. Thus, gift cards can be effective word-of-mouth publicity tools for your organisation. 

Everyone wants something attractive for their business to keep customers flocking to their premises. The discount card is a sign of reward to your loyal customers – another way to attract customers and boost your business market. 

Combination cards 

Combination or combo cards are used most frequently as printed gift or loyalty cards, library membership cards and salons cards.  The tear off cards can be distributed to family members or friends, each tear off can display the same barcode number so that all the sales can be designated to your single combo card.

Custom Cards 

Custom plastic cards in different shapes and sizes with metallic colour printing can distinguish your printed plastic cards from your competitors.  Given such advantages, these impressive plastic cards are widely accepted and used in different fields to draw customer attention and compete in the market. With the plethora of various forms of plastic cards around us, contact Custom Plastic Cards to find a high-quality plastic card service provider in Australia. Since 2002, we have been a leading plastic card company, offering environmentally friendly cards at low prices with short lead times and a strict turnaround.

We work with you to produce, design and print a wide range of functional and attractive membership cards, discount cards, key tags, custom cards and more. We offer PVC-made plastic printed cards with CMYK or full-colour printing and spot or Pantone colour matching with other options. Our card features include variable printing, including sequential and non-sequential numbering, bar coding, magnetic striping, scratch-offs with PIN/serial numbers, embossing (raised printing) with gold or silver tipping, signature panels, metallic coloured printing, foil stamping, holograms and more. 

Our cards come with 6 months warranty, and our client base includes individuals and small businesses to high-profile private, government and educational institutions.